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tv   KCRG TV9 News at 10  ABC  November 8, 2016 10:00pm-10:35pm CST

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night edition of the >> welcome to a special election night edition of the tv 9 news at 10. well the voting is done in iowa. results are coming here. here's how the race is shaping up in iowa right now. it is still a very tight race between hillary clinton and donald trump. so far 50% of the vote for clinton but way too early in the night to call it. >> and looking at the electoral college vote nationally before we go to the senate vote. absence has hillary clinton at
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we're watching several of those states very, very closely. wisconsin and michigan. they've declared florida has gone to trump. and pennsylvania and new hampshire. it does come down to wisconsin, new hampshire and pennsylvania could be deciding the race. >> ap has called it for chuck grassley. the 7th term for oiings defeating patty judge. >> what's interesting. this is the closest if it holds like this. this is the closest he's had since his first run in 1980 when he had 53% of the vote then. other than the race he's had since 60%. >> and let's take a look at congressional races and this is
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monica vernon the democratic challenger is ahead in this race. iowa second congressional district. 23% of the pre-signatures have reported. >> and in the third district now with 48% of the votes in almost half. the ahead just ahead of jim mauer the democrat. turning to the fourth district steve king with 57% of the vote. 43% for democratic challenger
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the yes, sir are aahead. we mentioned that chuck grassley had won the senate race. patty judge is speaking live to her porters right now in des moines. let's find out what patty judge is saying. based on what i just saw after eight years of brock's strong leadership we're about just about to send hillary clinton to the white house. and she will continue working -- fighting for working families and moving our country forward and so i couldn't be more proud than to be part of this tonight. now, last march i entered this
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games that republicans like chuck grassley were playing with our future. as many that you know i sat -- i almost sat out this race because of my granddaughter milley who thankfully is here with us tonight. just months after milley was born we knew she open heart surgery. i told my son joe i needed to be home and be there for him and his wife and for milley. he told me i needed to run for milley. >> and patty judge with her concession speech to her supporters in des moines tonight >> now we're going to go to chuck grassley spoke just a bit
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>> regardless of who is going to be president, regardless, i will operate in the same way i always have operated in the best interest of all of you and three million iowans. >> chuck grassley with winning his 7th term. he said earlier he and his wife barbara have been married 63 years. so h he's 83 years old. he'll be 89 at the end of six years. >> yeah, that's right bruce. i'm standing here with iowa kaufman. obviously a lot of excited republicans. florida just called for trump.
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for that. why do you think iowans got behind grassley for a 7th term. i think he's an iowan. he's come back every single weekend. they're hundred agree for credibility and hungry for change. whether or not you thought his refusal to hold confirmation for mairk garland was a benefit or issue for seems to me that the people are weighing in. >> are you surprised by tonight's results. obviously judge was very far behind in the polls. this doesn't come as a complete surprise. not at all. i think that the day he announced i was ready to give this speech in terms of why he
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important of chuck grassley. >> jephthah so much for being here. and so i'm going to get in front of the camera, and let it go back to you guys at the desk. >> thank you forest. taking another u.s. house district with 50% of the votes in. monica vernon still sligh ahead. still early in the evening to know who won. katie wiedemann. >> katie, >> well the crowd just started rod blum's name over and over again. very loudly in here. you can hear a lot of
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he's not expected here until a few more results. they are glued to the presidential race results as well. just a few moments ago when some news outlets that trump had won florida the crowd started chanting president trump. one of the older generation of supporters are all glued to the television sets watching the results come in. where some republicans that are supporting their candidate they're watching everything on laptop computers and on their iphones. we're live in dubuque. >> they're going to get more louder when the congressman does show up. bria love is with the vernon camp at csps hall. >> bria, what's the mood like there.
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said since monica vernon is here. all of these people have been out here since 7:00. people cheering for clinton as positive results are coming in and they're still chanting and monica vernon has had a very busy day. this morning she's been knocking out on doors. but as i said that the crowd is glad. people are they're chanting and should be an exciting night. live inky der rapids. >> i'm here with our panel of experts tonight. our analysts and we have carrie covington. cindy golding who is the lynn county republican chair. and brad. and the democratic chair.
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you're seeing so far in the race. so far they look pretty good. it's hard to determine where those votes are coming in from. >> cindy. i'm not as pleased with the early results. we don't know if they're coming from the absentee votes or what part of the district they're coming from. >> carrie i think no real surprise by the senator chuck grassley. that was pretty well-established a while ago. so people were able to call it pretty quickly. patty judge wanted to make the merrick garland nominee an issue in this election. >> you can find a lot of people who're campaign finance reform
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in the way that the senator who doesn't call a senate committee. so they're looking at what's his record, how has he behaved up to now. and deciding they're happy with the job he's doing. we're watching the legislative races. but you two are really, really interested in those aren't you. >> the closer ones in the lynn county. those even our supervisor races. the iowa senate race is particularly interesting to see if democrats will still hold the iowa senate after the election is over. >> we'll be right back with more with election coverage on tv 9. let's now go to samantha myers, who talked with challenger christopher peters. samantha, joining us tonight to provide
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university of iowa political science professor cary covington. linn county g-o-p chair cindy golding. and linn county democrats chair bret
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ellular and get a whopping 7 gigs of data per line for only $49. congressional dist here'sr a look at iowa oh secon district in loebsack. not even a third of the vote is counted at this hour. we're going to iowa city and tv 9 oh jordy is with the loebsack campaign. bruce and beth. i'm here at johnson county watch party. and the congressman is expected
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he's expected to come here to give a speech to his fellow johnson county democrats. loebsack tells me he's not taking anything for granted in this race at this time. he says if he wins again he will work a lot for the middle class and especially from a va reform. he said those will be his big issues coming up if he wins this election. he's any moment. we have our morning anchor rest. >> and you have our wonderful little storyteller. >> we've been familiar with the red and blue system in figuring
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we're able to break this down by county. what counties are thinking. what voters are doing when it comes to voting for president. you can see right here. hillary clinton leading by about 50,000 votes. this is very similar to what we saw if we can go now to the 2012 election results. this is between miracle and barack obama. and we're going to zoom in here at the state level to show what iowa did four years ago. this is kind of what analysts we could expect the state to look like tonight.
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down i-80 and a lot of people on the west side went red and a lot on the east side went blue. so we've got a lot of results to get in tonight. we're going to continue to keep an eye on the precincts. so this could be a long night. could we get the latest presidential graphic. we have updated numbers for that. iowa. it is tight. >> you has moved with 35% of the precincts in. trump taking the lead in iowa. now the polls had showed trump as the possible or probable
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we have all those results scrolling on the bottom of your screen. but let's run through some of them right now. in the senate district 30, democratic incumbent jeff danielson, of waterloo, let's go to senate district 32, where democratic incumbent brian in district 32. it looks like democratic incumbent brian shane john falling behind johnson. these numbers are so so low. let's go to district 34 liz mathis leading. gadalia very early. a lot of these are the early
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absentee ballots and early voting back in september. and district 48. 6% reporting. this area also encompasses of lynn county. zumba out in front. going to representatives in the iowa house. house district 55 no incumbent. michael bergen with pat ritter, and very, very early. patty russ is the incumbent. and only only 8% of the votes counted. christie hagar over ruff. in-house district 11 lund grun. and in 59 this is in cedar
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he is well out in front. again iowa's polls closed not even an hour and a half ago. house district 60, walt rogers the incumbent. and very, very early. >> and in open race in district 62. this is waterloo. elk run heights and evansdale area. right the democrat gary this is district 60. we're just skipping over 60. and this is the open race, and right now only 6% of the votes in. so roz smith is way out in front. only 6% of the votes counted. house district 65. bennett with a lead over foster. only 9% in.
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is an open seat because former speaker of the house paulson not seeking reelection with hinson leading. going to house district 68. this is one of those very strongly contested races on with television advertising. democrat molly donahue leading the incumbent republican ken rizer. only 8% in. long time incumbent todd taylor with a very nice start to the vote count. going to district 77. nielsen with a strong lead over phillips. 74% of the precincts are in with nielsen leading strongly.
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and in the they have called iment for david young in district 3. steve king in district 4. we have flagged him with the winner with the 33%. but he is 51% at this point. that's a very strong steve king district. very difficult for kim weaver in district incumbent rod blum is falling behind monica vernon. we still now have a quarter of the votes in. still early there. and going to district 2 democrat dave loebsack hoping for his sixth term in the u.s. house and he has 58% of the vote right now with 41% of the precincts in leading crispy turs the republican candidate in that
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another ballot issue was the lynn county conservation bond measure. this needs a 60% super majority to pass. 77% of the votes are in. it has 75% of the votes at this point. this is a bond issue to fund water quality and par prooths and trails throughout
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welcome back to our continuing
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you've been looking the local races and the national races. any surprises for you as the representative or the leader of the lynn county democratic party brett in the local races. no, we've been looking at the results. and the incumbents are doing well. donald trump really catapulted. he was get rid of have inside the beltway for all these years. we're not necessarily seeing that in iowans. iowans tend to be more independent voters. and we have the privilege of splitting the vote. we've been brett and i have been watching the results come in. nothing is priings us. we know these people and they know their voters. we're not surprised.
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with what's happened in iowa today? >> it looks like iowa is going to go to trump. although it's not called. and it looks like all of the incumbents are going to win in all of the house race. it will be the same arrangements we had before. >> thanks so much to our panelists. let's take a look at the latest numbers. donald trump now pulling out clinton. 45% of the pre-signatures absence has declared iowa going to donald trump. stay with our coverage online and through the night.
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those pictures tell the story. that's the hillary clinton campaign, you see tears at the clinton campaign. now, at the trump headquarters, you hear the cheers, you see the hats. donald trump has clinton. it's getting close. >> and in the war room in trump tower, they're getting very excited. we said conventional wisdom was wrong, and so is political science. everyone said they weren't ready for prime time, but they made


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